Working towards…

I have not yet decided quite which competition I’m working towards but have set my sights on rank one when I get there. I’ve returned to biathlon training as snatch is clearly my strongest event. The only reason I did not go for this in London was that I had not really managed many 16kg snatch reps prior to Manchester and was even more nervous about this than the long cycle.

If I feel reasonably confident by the closing date for entry, I’ll go to Glasgow, if not then Manchester. Until that point I’m resisting the temptation to rush around to training courses and competitions. A focused period of quiet training using one style is what I really need at the moment.

When we returned from London I decided to increase the weights I was using in group sessions as well as other training, it’s no good focussing on feeling that a weight is not heavy during training at home and then deciding it’s too heavy in class. This confuses my brain. I’ve really surprised myself too, squatting double 16kg and thrusting a single 16kg for a few reps, something I had not even tried before. 12kg has now replaced 8kg where ever possible too. Maria Willis and I had a great snatch race during a mini tetrathlon our coach put together for one group session. A callous tore in the first few minutes, I felt the blood on the handle of the kettlebell, hesitated, but didn’t give up. I managed 125 reps in 5 mins with 12kg, much faster than Manchester (however I could change hands). Everyone enjoyed the excitement and we both agreed that it’s great to have other competitors to race against in class!

My first attempt at snatching 16kg for 30 secs did not go well, however this was after a long period where I had hardly practised my snatch and at the end of a tough class. I tried again a few days later, at home, and succeeded, then, once more a few days later and this time found the kettlebell sailing into the air easily – mental block dealt with. I’m currently working on different ways to make 100, either as ladders or sets of ten (both snatch and jerks) so that my body is used to working with 100 reps.

Buying an 18kg was a good move too, 16kg is now not the heaviest weight I can snatch and jerk. This is great psychologically and will help me move towards snatch and jerk with 20kg. I can hold 20kg in the air at the moment but have to use two hands to get it there!

Skills work, strength work and an extra run are also building speed and endurance, with that will come much needed confidence. I finished London thinking I’d never win a medal again if I continued competing with 16kg.
In Glasgow I can compete in my age category, not against 24 year olds! Not that other competitors in my age group are going to be easy to compete against, competition will still be tough, but this seems fairer and gives me a chance to win a medal.

Well it’s rest week and I’m making the most of it, time to settle down to watch a good film and enjoy a pint of Wainwright 🙂


About kettlebellqueen

Tiny middle aged kettlebell enthusiast from Nottingham England. I've just passed my RKC and am still learning.
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