Overdoing it a little

Life is quite busy at the moment. The new term has started and there is a lot to do and I’m in training for my next competition in Wales next month. On top of this we’re undertaking a big project in our house (The house is a rambling Edwardian semi which needs a lot of work) and planning a joint 50th birthday party!

There is no long cycle competition in Wales, so I am training for the biathlon. As I’m still a novice I’ve dropped my weight to 8kg so that I can work on form and also gain confidence in this arena. I definitely feel less nervous this time. I may not be fast but I know I can complete ten minutes in both the jerk and snatch using 8kg. My snatch technique and pacing is being tidied up, I’ve been learning sport technique as I’ve been snatching hardstyle for the last 6 years. However my jerk needs more work, particularly the double dip and lock out. I’ve had some trouble learning the pattern so I’m even doing jerk in circuit class when others are pressing or doing thrusters to stop me getting confused. This is slowly working I think, but I still need to use a conscious thought process to stop me getting carried away and forgetting that double dip.

My program involves two sessions practicing  at home; two circuit classes to build up strength and endurance and a PT session working on technique. That would be enough for most people, however this week I pushed my self a little further and probably a little too far as I was a quite shaky by Friday.

Once a year we take children on a two night residential doing adventurous activities. This year we decided to do be a little more independent and stay at a Youth Hostel. The Youth Hostel organise and run activities such as orienteering on one day, we booked experts to teach canoeing, abseiling, rock climbing and weaseling on the second day and I took charge of taking everyone for a walk on the last day. Part of this process is to do the walk prior to the event and risk assess any hazards before we take children.

So last Saturday I went for a six mile walk, to do my risk assessment, active rest my trainer calls it. Then  I trained at home on Sunday and did a strength circuit class on Monday. Tuesday was the first day of residential. I didn’t want to miss a kettlebell training session as we are so close to competition, so I trained at home first thing in the morning and then went to work. When we got to the hostel, the orienteering was not so well organised so I attached myself to this activity and ran round the course with groups of children for four hours, in the rain. Lots of fun, but exhausting. Inevitably sixty 9 to 11 year olds are not interested in going to bed at 7:30 so I spent most the evening running around the hostel maintaining the peace. On Wednesday we all spent the day canoeing, abseiling and weaseling, during one of the worst September storms in 30 years! I have to laugh at myself stood astride two canoes in the pouring rain, helping children chase balls around a canal. Night two was the disco….

On the final day we went on the walk I had risk assessed on Saturday. I misjudged the time and, for one reason and another, found myself doing scouts pace along the last mile (the children didn’t!). We all had lots of fun but were pleased to see parents waiting for us as the coach pulled into the school car park.

My staff went home for a glass of wine,but  I had a PT session! I have to say I wasn’t at my best! Perhaps I should have stopped at this point, but decided that I would give the endurance class a go on Friday, despite feeling a little off colour. My diet hadn’t been great over the past week, lots of white bread etc and this had also caught up with me. The class was hard but I made it through without falling over. Perhaps this was pushing myself too far though as I was pretty shaky when I got home. Today is rest day, I’m sat on the sofa with green tea and my laptop, bliss. Back to normality next week.


About kettlebellqueen

Tiny middle aged kettlebell enthusiast from Nottingham England. I've just passed my RKC and am still learning.
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4 Responses to Overdoing it a little

  1. Whew, what a schedule! I’m glad you took some time just to sit and *be*!

    Question-in GS, do women as well as men perform the long cycle with double bells? What two lifts make up the biathlon? Sorry, that’s two questions, isn’t it?

    Oops–three. :). I love hearing about your steady training for competitions. It’s good to have a goal, and i’m kind of waiting for my next goal to hit me, now that the HKC is earned. I have some personal goals to hit–locking in my pull-up, for example, and I’ve started studying for a personal trainer certification–but nothing with a date on it, you know? Feels a little floundering, for now.

    It’ll come. I’m headed to Philly today for the RKC coaching session and grad workout, hooking up with some KB friends as well. Take care, friend, and go strong!!

  2. Oh! Two more questions:

    Abseiling? And weaseling?

    That is all.

    • kettlebellqueen says:

      Hope you enjoyed RKC without the pressure of being a candidate yourself. Are you intending to become a fully fledged personal trainer? I bet you’d be good.
      In answer to your questions.
      1. Women compete with 1 kettlebell in all competitions. But I can use doubles when training
      2. The biathlon consists of the jerk – 10 mins with 1 hand change and then, with a minimum 30 min break, 10 mins snatch with only one hand change. The scores are then added up. I’m only using 8kg this time as this is more challenging than the long cycle.
      3. Abseiling involves walking down rocks with a harness and rope. I don’t usually get to have a go, but did this time. Weaseling involves squeezing through tiny gaps in the rocks and then scrambling over rocks. I nearly got stuck at one point! If the teacher has a go then children feel reassured they are safe – hence I get stuck in and have a go! Lots of fun! One of the perks of the job.
      Take care

  3. I’m not sure what’s next for me, frankly. I think I’d like to see if I can help folks, particularly women, who are in the same place I was not too long ago . . . and to do that, I need some more certifications! Maybe RKC in the future, if I survive this school year . . . maybe I’ll wait until I’m 50–a new challenge for the half-century mark? 🙂

    And WOW to the biathlon . . . definitely a beast! Abseiling/weaseling = scary fun!

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