Kettlebell sport training, the final weeks.

This time next week I’ll be preparing for weigh in! All the training will be done, I’ve just got to go out there the following day, pick up the kettlebell and go for it. I keep reminding myself that it’s just for fun, what’s the worst that can happen?

My trainer has been great, he’s done all this before so I’m taking care to listen to his advice. He has three clients taking part in a variety of events over the next few weeks and we’re all really nervous!

As I arrived for my Tuesday PT session, he was writing my workout on the board:

Snatch 20,15,10,5

Back squats (squat with kettlebell held on the back) 40,30,15,10

Cleans 20,15,10,5

Jerks 20,15,10,5

To be completed with as little rest as possible, using my competition weight (12kg), do all the 20’s first and then the 15’s etc. I set to work, stopping for the occasional sip of water or to wipe sweat off my hands (I don’t want torn hands at this stage). I completed this in just over 20 minutes. When I finished he explained that this was the certification workout for one of the girevoy trainer certs, however the expectation was that I would do this with 8kg and had 20 minutes. If I’d known 20 minutes was the target I would have gone a little faster and completed under time and over weight! This was a great confidence boost.

After the above workout we had a conversation about nerves and what I am capable of doing in training. I’ve completed several 10 minute sets and can complete the above cert, I’ve done my homework and I eat a good diet. I just need to go out there and do it!

This week has been my final workout week and I ache a little from weighted jump lunges (glutes) on Wednesday and black/rough snatches (shoulders) during my PT session yesterday. I have two classes, a gentle jog and one more PT session, then it’s time to relax for a few days – no training, just traveling and a gentle stroll around Kilkenny.

Diet advice has been about not eating! I’ve always been reluctant to fast as I get the shakes and become bad tempered if I don’t eat regularly! However this summer I’ve experimented with going without food for increasing periods of time (with food nearby, just in case). To my surprise I’ve worked up to 24 hours, starting after lunch on one day and finishing just before a later lunch the next day. This means missing two meals, I’ve not yet been able to miss three. Fasting is not easy, temptation to eat is always there, your stomach rumbles and I’ve felt light headed. On the first occasion my body ached too. However the second fast was easier, my body ached less. There is now a lot of research about the benefits, including weight loss. However, I’m not sure how I’d manage during a normal work day but have decided to try – with a cereal bar nearby if I need one. To my surprise my last bit of preparation is to be a fast, on Wednesday and then a normal diet, no extra carbs.

Once I finish the competition my partner and I have booked a cottage further down the coast, I am going to pack Liquorice Allsorts (my favourite)and chocolate treats and plan to down a few pints of Guinness across the week. There will be no kettlebells in my luggage and no fasting!


About kettlebellqueen

Tiny middle aged kettlebell enthusiast from Nottingham England. I've just passed my RKC and am still learning.
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