Olympic inspiration

At last I have made it to the summer holidays! Those last few weeks were long and busy so I had no time or energy to blog. However, as always, I did make time to train as this is now a priority. In fact I think I only dropped one session when everything conspired against me.

Then, on the first day of my holidays, my house was burgled, they took all our laptops but nothing else. I did have an old desk top to work on but it was very slow and gave up under the pressure last week. This left me without a computer and feeling disconnected from the world for a few days. Blogging on a smart phone is far too time consuming due to the small keyboard. Fortunately the insurance company came up with the goods on Friday and I’m back online. At some point today I’m putting tracking software on here so we can catch the b***ds if they come again, (my new Indian club is next to my bed too).

Now I’m back online and blogging again! London 2012 is here too. After all the build up I’ve been waiting to be disappointed (how very British), but, to my surprise I’ve been really inspired! I was allocated two tickets for the women’s weightlifting in the ballot, I bid for my weight class, 53kg, so I guess this was a safe gamble as weightlifting is not a very popular sport here. London transport and an army of volunteers made the travel to the venue much easier than expected (a great excuse to visit my daughter in her new flat too). When I got to the Excel I was pleased to see how busy the event was and the atmosphere was great. Everyone cheered and encouraged all the competitors, especially when we could see the nerves get the better of someone. Weighlifting is a very lonely sport;an empty stage, just you, the weights and thousands of people watching. Some of the women were very young, 17 or 18 and the pressure is enormous. I hope our cheers of encouragement helped. I still can’t get over the tiny woman from Kazakhstan who won. She broke a world record in the clean and jerk, lifting 131kg above her head and cleaning 135kg. Unbelievable! I feel very humble about my meager efforts and have come back determined to do better!

Then there is team GB, watching Jessica Ennis storm ahead at the end of the 800m last night was so inspirational, there wasn’t a dry eye in the country! I felt a little sorry for the long jump continuing in one corner but that didn’t deter Greg Ruthford or Mo Farah in the 10,000 m from winning gold a few moments later. I’m sure the celebrations went late into the night in camp GB (those allowed to of course!).

Listening to real athletes prepare for competition has been a great help to me as I prepare for my somewhat smaller event. It helps to know how nervous they get and how they approach the mental build up to an event. I’m almost wishing I was at work with something else to think about. My trainer admitted he didn’t sleep before his last competition and I didn’t sleep all the way through RKC so I’m more prepared for this now. I’ll take a good book and not worry, thankfully my partner can sleep with the light on.

My training is now very focused on the long cycle. I performed reasonably well during a test set last week, my trainer was very happy. If I can reach those numbers in competition I will be happy with myself. Much of my work is now focused on technique and maintaining my levels of fitness. Other members of Kettlebell Nottingham are on rest week, but not the three members who are about to compete in their selected fields of sport (the other two are off to Gale Force West), we’re still working away at our training. I have two weeks before my rest week.

The big improvement has been with the weighted ladder. I came back from the Olympics with a can do approach to that pesky 16kg and have begun to clean and jerk it five times pretty consistently. The 16kg snatch is much easier too, in fact it was so easy last week , I tried the 20kg in circuit class, but my arm couldn’t hold the weight at the top. When I get back from Kilkenny I’m going to work on strength because that 20kg snatch is not far off.

Keeping to a clean diet is also important. Staying away from the beer when I’m on holiday is always difficult. I’ve given myself two break days, one this week, to celebrate Rich’s birthday and one next week because my family have bought me a trip on the Orient Express to celebrate my 50th birthday.This expensive trip includes lots of free champagne and cocktails so I’m not saying no! Apart from these occasions I’m not drinking alcohol, increasing the protein and watching the carbohydrates – have got to make weight. The upside is that my body feels very strong and I can get into a size 8!

On that note it’s time to make my breakfast smoothie…


About kettlebellqueen

Tiny middle aged kettlebell enthusiast from Nottingham England. I've just passed my RKC and am still learning.
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5 Responses to Olympic inspiration

  1. Another great post! The wretched TV network filtering the Olympics for a US audience neglected to offer weightlifting at all–but I found it anyway, on a back channel, and watched several of the classes compete. So heartbreaking (and horrifying) to watch a North Korean competitor’s elbow hyperextend in the snatch attempt–did you see it?

    But I was cheering and crying along with all of you when Farah and Rupp took the 10K meter!! So exciting, and to have been training partners all along! What a day for both our countries–and for their coach.

    Good work on the 16k progress! I’ve started a long cycle training progression offered by a GS coach, and so far so good! Feels good, that steady rhythm–you get into a groove and it’s almost meditative.

    • kettlebellqueen says:

      Thanks for the happy birthday! I’m looking forward to my birthday treat, I’m on quite a strict diet regime so am looking forward to a day off! This competition business is pretty nerve wracking. Glad to hear you like the long cycle. My trainer calls it “metal meditation”, once you get into a rhythm you can just keep going – with a light weight that is! I find the jerk harder, although I could do the 10 mins with 8kg I think. Perhaps next competition I’ll go for the biathlon as I can snatch quite quickly.
      Are you still going to go for RKC training? They seem not keen on GS style – so take care you keep your hardstyle form. I had some problems with the swing as working with a GS coached changed my form and I had to re-learn.
      Good luck with your training 🙂

  2. Oh, and happy birthday!

  3. gsrich says:

    Great post. Sorry to hear about the burglary……

    I’m still hammering the training, trying to squeeze out that last bit of conditioning ahead of the comp.

    Good luck with yours over the next couple of weeks!

    • kettlebellqueen says:

      Yes still training hard over the next week, then I’m told I need to back off and rest. I’ve never done the rest week before so I’m trusting in that trainer!
      Hope your training goes well over the next few weeks too.

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