Kettlebell sport training six

June is always a very busy month for my day job, I have worked three weeks straight, no days off. This includes taking pupils to a residential (which requires being on duty 24hrs a day, but I got to do fun things) and two weeks working  up to 11:00pm at night writing on reports. Don’t go into education expecting to work from 9:00 to 3:30! Fortunately term ends next week, although I still have some long days leading up to Friday.

Despite this I have mostly maintained my training and am still attaining some personal bests. My gym introduced a ‘rest’ week, last week. The idea is that I still go to PT and do my program but there are no classes. Classes began again this week with a new program; each class has a theme linked to building strength, metabolic rate or endurance. This is a brave move and some regulars are sceptical. However, the quality of training offered in the past has led to a very loyal following so we’re all giving this a go. The first week back to class has been well received. The two sessions I’ve been to have challenged me and I have really enjoyed them. Many members of the group have been showing off some considerable gains in endurance or strength. This includes me. Last night’s class started with a ten minute snatch set, as many hand changes as required. I went for a light kettlebell as my hands were suffering from some lost callouses but decided to go for just one hand change, my first competition style set. Not only did I complete, despite the hands, but I found this relatively easy, I could certainly snatch faster with that weight. I’ve also been swinging some serious weight in tabata sessions.

Snatch work has not generally been part of my work over the past few weeks. As I have only registered for the long cycle, I have been concentrating on jerks and cleans. The jerks have been with my competition weight (12kg) and I have managed one ten minute set, however I have found this the hard and I am not fast. One session, doing shorter times, I managed a 20 rep minute but mostly I have been averaging 16 reps, less for the longer sets.

The 16kg cleans ladder is faster and more confident, although I have lost a few callouses experimenting with chalk. I may decide not to use chalk at all if I can get away with it. My 16kg TGUs have improved too and I even tried out 20kg on my strongest side. I got half way up and decided a spotter was needed!

PT sessions have included some long cycle sessions where I trained one minute off, one minute on for 12 sets and I have begun work on increasing speed through sprint sets. These are starting to feel more comfortable and confident. I also managed 40 double jerks with 8kg, the trainer looked at the ease I did this and suggested 12kg next time.

I am looking forward to my holidays now, I can concentrate on training and my body should be more relaxed. Less time hunched over a computer will help spine flexibility too!


About kettlebellqueen

Tiny middle aged kettlebell enthusiast from Nottingham England. I've just passed my RKC and am still learning.
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2 Responses to Kettlebell sport training six

  1. Always love to hear your training progression. I’m especially excited for you that your gym seems very intentional about what it’s doing for its clients–so glad you have access to such a supportive facility. And I’m interested to hear your comments about working in education, as that’s my bag, too. Yes, we often talk about the “other compensations” of working in education (as opposed to actual salary), but normal working hours are generally not part of that rosy picture, are they?

    • kettlebellqueen says:

      Thank you, my gym is a small, independent business which provides a more personal service all round, even if you just sign up for classes. I’ve moved my PT to them and really noticed a difference both in strength and endurance.

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