Kettlebell sport training four – building up strength and endurance

Up until this point my programs have challenged but largely not stretched to failure. Now the going gets tougher, as I knew it would have to. I’ve started to get butterflies in my stomach a little before I start, but am always really pleased with myself when I finish and have made progress. This training is challenging and pushing me well beyond my comfort zone.

After some thought and conversation with my trainer, I’ve decided to enter the long cycle. This will be my first competition so a smaller start seems well advised. I like the rhythm of the long cycle and feel that 10 mins is achievable. However I feel a little disappointed there is no snatch sprint as I feel more confident with my snatch and the length of time was just right. If I perform well enough this time, I’ll go for the biathlon next time.

My new program involves timed jerks, working on maintaining a given number of jerks per minute, building up time each week. I’ve just finished my first 3 mins, not trying to count as I just wanted to get through. The last few jerks were hard but I made it. I did count for the minute sets and have increased my speed and consistency compared to last week. These are followed by two kettlebell leg matrix sets, 24 squats, lunges, jump squats and jump lunges. Not nice!

The second workout includes turkish get ups for 5 mins (reminds me of an RKC workout),  clean ladders (I have a lovely bruise on my right forearm) and timed swings. This will be a slow build up of endurance, grip and strength.

My PT sessions have been great and I inadvertently gained an extra PT last week because I was the only client at morning bootcamp. The individual attention pushed me to work harder, swinging and squatting double 20kg (just!). My trainer’s acknowledgment of the hard work I have been doing at home is really appreciated too, sometimes it’s the small comments that really make a difference.

The weights I am working with are slowly increasing, I cleaned 24kg for the first time last week, renegade rows have increased to 20kg and I had no trouble with 5 mins of 16kg TGU, in fact I may have completed 10 mins by mistake because the timer was on vibrate. As the weight I’m using is increasing, so is my confidence, if I can swing, clean and lift with heavier weights, I can complete more reps and work faster and longer with lighter weights.


About kettlebellqueen

Tiny middle aged kettlebell enthusiast from Nottingham England. I've just passed my RKC and am still learning.
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