Kettlebell sports training three – time for rest

The importance of rest and timing has become more and more important as I have begun to move from unfocused training to more focussed preparation for events. I’m taking lots of trainer advice at the moment because I’m new to all this.  Because my volume has been increasing nicely, my trainer advised some rest two weeks ago. As I learned last year, this does not mean halting training completely, just scaling back a little. So I went to class as normal but did nothing from my program. Rest week coincided with bank holiday weekend so I made the most of relaxation and treated my garden to so much needed love and care. In class I had more bounce and energy throughout the week and when I returned to jerks on Friday, these were much more confident and fluid.

Unfortunately I got too enthusiastic and added another rung to the snatch ladder during my program work on Sunday. The extra 17 snatches were not the problem, I could complete these easily. The issue was that my hands could not cope with the volume. I had been a little lazy on Sunday morning and not bothered to file my callouses, the gym was hot and rest time is now at a minimum so the callouses came off. One on the left side and then two on the right. I’d left all the tape and blister plasters at home so only had some stretch bandage for protection. The left hand coped but the right became too painful so had to stop just before the end of the second ladder. Ouch!

My hands have slowly healed over the past week. I rested on Monday to allow inital healing, then used blister plasters and stretch bandage to protect them for the rest of the week. I got some strange looks in class from those not in the know, but experience has proved that this combination works well  for me. Better than tape which peels off quite easily. I even managed the jerk ladder on Wednesday. Today is Saturday and they’re almost healed now so I’m going to try some snatch work tomorrow.

Zumba came to my school this week too. The oldest children were doing exams, so a member of staff, who is a Zumba instructor, ran some pre-test sessions with them. It’s important that the head teacher is seen to join in with such events so I added a few Zumba sessions this week. Squat jumps without weights are really easy now so I think I impressed a few of the children with my agility!

My trainer was understandably less than impressed with the state of my hands because we couldn’t do any timed sets on Friday. However he was smiling by the end as I’d made progress with the amount of weight I can work with. Mental gremlins are still affecting 16kg  jerk however, am not sure how to overcome this as I can jerk 16kg quite easily, and have completed sets of 5, I just failed  after a few reps last night. This is really frustrating.

My smile returned later when he decided swinging 32kg was far too easy for me, so he brought out the 36kg (65% of my body weight). The only problem I had with this weight was the size of the handle because he only has a cast iron 36. My hands are quite small and the sport handles suit me better, but my grip held out. He is doing a great job encouraging women to use bigger weights. I think the men who come to class are going to find some competition for their kettlebells soon.

He also put me through a great TGU, renegade row combination. Three TGU each side with 12kg, then 3 renegade rows and back to the TGU – 3 sets no rest and he substituted the 12s for 16s for the renegade rows half way through. My previous trainer restricted me to 8kg after I fell off the 12kgs , so I was delighted to find that the 16kgs were really quite easy! I left the session feeling 10ft tall – the best way to end the week.


About kettlebellqueen

Tiny middle aged kettlebell enthusiast from Nottingham England. I've just passed my RKC and am still learning.
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2 Responses to Kettlebell sports training three – time for rest

  1. gsrich says:

    I keep tearing my callouses at the moment too, just can’t quite get the snatch technique correct so they don’t tear. The tears have moved from the tops of my palms to the pads on my fingers though which I’m told is progress and shows my technique is improving 🙂 I posted about callous tears last week, not sure if you’ve seen it, maybe you might find my approach to repairing them helpful 🙂 Good work on the 36kg swings!

    • kettlebellqueen says:

      Good to hear your technique is improving. My tears are nearly always at the base of my fingers, middle two digits. My trainer says there is nothing wrong with my technique, he thinks it’s just a volume issue. I haven’t had a problem for ages. Will take a look at your post, might get some ideas for next time. In the meantime I’m off to buy some savlon healing lotion for the only one that hasn’t healed yet.

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