Kettlebell sport training two – timed sets begin

Over the last month I have begun to feel a little nervous about when timed sets would start because I have never found working to time easy and I knew I’d have to start working against time sooner or later. One of the reasons I gave up working on gym machines is that I hated doing the same thing for over and over again for 10 minutes. But here I am again! However it’s different this time, there is purpose and real motivation now.

So the introduction of timed sessions with my trainer last week was a relief. Home training is still centred around the ladders and sets I wrote about last time. These are getting faster or longer as I get stronger and more confident. However I know that this is going to have to change soon and I will be moving well out of my comfort zone, even at home.

The first session last week involved 12kg snatches. I started with a one minute set each side. The instruction was to aim for 10 snatches, I’d completed 10 by thirty seconds and then 20 by the end of the minute on both sides. My trainer then set me a two minute challenge, “I bet you can’t keep up that pace!” Well I nearly did, 36 each side! We discussed this, he felt I should slow down a little so I did one more two minute set slowing down to 15 each side, punished with having to stand with the kettlebell in the air if I went too fast!  Slower sets will mean that I can keep going over a long period without burning out so I understand why this is important.

This week we worked long cycle timed ladders, 1 minute, 2 minute, 3 minute with 1 minute rests, two sets. And so the pain begins! I like the long cycle, you can get into a rhythm and just work  through the set. The first minute was fine, second minute more of a challenge and the third began to hurt. I have no idea about number of reps as I was concentrating on getting through. But my trainer felt I kept a good pace and was smiling by the end despite my left side giving up by the middle of the last three minute set. I just stood in the rack position until I could swap to the right side which I completed without further problems, although my hands had begun to stop opening at the top (I remember this from snatch training last year). My left side has always been weaker, I’ll have to decide what I’ll do about this. I’d like to think that I’d be able to keep going for five minutes on both sides by August. We finished with double kettlebell holds, one minute in the air and one minute in rack position. Two sets. Following on from those timed ladders this was not easy!

I have to confess I get a little nervous before training sessions now. However I was worrying that I couldn’t complete one minute let alone ten before this timed work! I am now feeling much more confident. If I can complete three minutes each side now, I can finish the five minutes each side I will have to be able to complete by August. For this first competition I’d just like to complete the sets, then I’ll start to work on rankings!


About kettlebellqueen

Tiny middle aged kettlebell enthusiast from Nottingham England. I've just passed my RKC and am still learning.
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