Kettlebell sport training 1

No classes this week so I’ve been working on my program. Thankfully I’ve caught up my sleep deficit and my sinuses are beginning to clear so I can hear again. This means that my work capacity is nearer to normal and I’m feeling stronger.

The program has four workouts which involve different combinations of snatches and jerks. There are two main formats; the ladder and straight sets with different weights or rest times. The ladder numbers are 5,7,9,11,13,15,3,5,7,9,11,13,15. This is performed with the snatch in workout one and then the jerk in workout three. Each time I do the ladder I decrease the rest period between each set by 15secs. The straight sets are:8kg 10 reps e/s, 12kg 10 reps e/s, 16kg 10 reps e/s. Then 5×10 reps e/s 12kg with minimal rest. Again the snatch is used for workout two and jerk is used for workout four. Each workout also has assistance excercises such as squats, cleans and swings.

I completed all four this week which is unusual, normally I would do two and two bootcamps. The benefit of adding the bootcamps is that these add variety and lower the impact of continuous repetition on my body, particularly my arms and shoulders. My elbows are enjoying taking a break today.

I am used to this volume and more when snatching as I trained in a similar way for the RKC snatch test last year. In fact 5×10 reps e/s with no rest is the snatch test and I was really pleased to find I could still complete it this week. Last year I clocked up bigger snatch numbers each arm , 30 with 8kg and 25 with 12kg,  so increasing snatch volume is not new to me. However it’s not easy, my grip and forearms were really tested, and I know that I’m going to have to have to double these reps this year so there is a lot of hard work ahead.

The jerk and the long cycle are new to me so working at volume is harder and I didn’t complete the numbers in quite the same way this week. The ladder was fine as the rests were long for this first workout. But I’ve only jerked 16kg on one other occasion and was a little nervous about this. However once I got going I found I could do 5 reps at a time, so I stopped after 5 and then did another 5 reps to make up the 10. I’ll keep adding a rep each time  until I can do 10 without stopping. This will mean that 10 reps with 12kg will be so much easier. Similarly I could do 12kg 5×10 snatches e/s without a rest but found I needed to stop briefly when using the jerk. Again I’ll aim to decrease the rests. I’ll have to keep going for 5 mins each arm eventually so endurance is really important.

Technique is so important as the volume starts to increase. My cleans have improved and I found I could keep going for much longer this week, in fact I could complete more than the stipulated 3×10 reps. This is because I was getting the relaxation and breathing right. During the snatch I practiced relaxing  and guiding the kettlebell as it comes down from the overhead position and this does help as the numbers increase. Raising my foot on the side I’m snatching is still a little hit and miss and opening my hand at the right time is not quite consistent yet but there is still time. Happily my hands are holding up well but I have some lovely bruises on my arms. Must remember the wrist guards!


About kettlebellqueen

Tiny middle aged kettlebell enthusiast from Nottingham England. I've just passed my RKC and am still learning.
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