First British EGSA open competition

Last weekend I finally got to experience a kettlebell sport competition. I’ve been working with kettlebells for around 6 years now and always want to go and watch others compete (with a secret desire to participate). The first British EGSA open was held in Wolverhampton last Saturday. My trainer signed up for the long cycle and snatch sprint so a small contingent from our gym went down to support. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. After years of training mostly on my own, I could mix with other enthusiasts, comment on form and admire strength and skill without the pressure of taking part myself. There were teams from all over the world and the atmosphere was fantastic. Thanks to the Brighton Girevoy sport team for their hard work, the event was really well organised.

Watching others helped my own training too, I went home and really worked on my cleans because I had a better sense of what I had to do. It’s also good to see your own trainer at work showing his own considerable skill. Throughout the event he was pointing out good form and giving useful tips, lots of food for thought here.

I also overcame my nerves about participating myself. A number of online friends have invited me to events in the past but I wasn’t sure that I was ready and did not know how to prepare. However I now have an idea of what is expected and someone who can help me prepare. There are no excuses – it’s time to sign up and have a go.

My trainer and I talked about the idea when I went to PT this week. He’d clearly made up his mind that I should compete and had already begun the training plan. This is really flattering because he does not think he will be taking a bigger team from our current gym membership. So this is just me and him at the moment, I think, but would be more than happy for others to join.

I completed my first training goal too – I swung for 10 minutes without putting the kettlebell down, changing hands every minute. Now I have to increase the time I swing on each hand up to 5 minutes. We also put the jerk together this week and I began to get the coordination right. Having a timescale and a goal is really good for focus and drive and helped me push myself to get this right.

This also means a change in my training routine. I’m keeping the circuits for general cardio and strength work. But am replacing the run with a kettlebell skills session so that I’m doing three kettlebell sessions each week. It’ll mean that the Robin Hood and back run will be slow for me but my kettlebell work will be faster and stronger to compensate.

After a tricky few months when I have not always enjoyed training, I’m full of enthusiasm again! I’m easy to please!


About kettlebellqueen

Tiny middle aged kettlebell enthusiast from Nottingham England. I've just passed my RKC and am still learning.
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