New year, new blog, new strength training

Well, it’s good to be blogging once more. I’ve not been writing about my workouts for a while but am going to try to get back into the habit. Particularly as I’m about to change my approach to training.

I’ve been working on pistols (1 leg squats) for a while now, doing box pistols onto a reebok step with books on top, taking books away one at a time; slowly and surely getting lower. This has involved between two and four short workouts each day and a lot of trigger point muscle rolling. Fitting these workouts alongside full time work has been hard, particularly as I’ve had to get out of bed earlier! Whilst working with a trainer I was using 8kg but have decided to drop to 5kg whilst I am getting familliar with the move. I can always increase weight later. I’ve also started to use doorways to support. This is bodyweight only and I am achieving success at last. Getting down is fine so I am also simply holding this at the bottom for  short while to improve my confidence.

My abs and glutes have really changed, become tighter and better activated as I have improved. This has strengthened both my swing and my snatch. I used to wobble a little when doing 16kg snatch but it is very solid now. 16kg clean and press on the left side is still difficult but I am able to complete three each side with 14kg. If I was working alone I would be working through Pavel’s ROP with the 14kg over the next few months.

However I start work with a new trainer next week. I sometimes go to his circuit classes as I like the social contact, working alone at home can become very intense. We also worked together for a short while when I was preparing for RKC; he introduced me to other forms of strength training and I am curious to learn more.  However he is not a hardstyle practioner so some of the  work I was doing on improving hardstyle form may be lost. I think this is a risk worth taking if I benefit from a much broader approach to strength training.


About kettlebellqueen

Tiny middle aged kettlebell enthusiast from Nottingham England. I've just passed my RKC and am still learning.
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